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June 5th, 2017


Annual Quarterback Club Golf Outing


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Coach Lovie Smith and the 2017 Fighting Illini football team have just finished spring practice and are looking forward to the next phase of preparation for the 2017 Illinois football season.


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A season ticket reserves your spot in Memorial Stadium for the excitement that is sure to come during the following home games:


Ball State, Saturday, September 2

Western Kentucky, Saturday, September 9

Nebraska, Friday, September 29

Rutgers, Saturday, October 14

Wisconsin, Saturday, October 28

Indiana, Saturday, November 11

Northwestern, Saturday, November 25


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Tyler White Reflects on Illini Fotball

Graduating senior tight end, #87, Tyler White, of Kalamazoo, Michigan recently reflected on his years with the Fighting Illini in a few paragraphs he penned especially for the Illini Quarterback Club.  Tyler also shared one of his favorite game day pictures with us and two more from a recent career highlight--his pro day at Illinois. Check out his pictures above!


As a reminder of what we work to help provide for our student-athletes; the following are Tyler's thoughts and reflections about Illinois football:


I have been blessed to be a member of the University of Illinois football team during the previous four years, and the experience was greater than any other I have ever had. Unfortunately, I had two serious knee injuries in my career as an Illini. With a strong commitment to rehabilitate back to full strength, and an incredible training staff, I was able to play in all but 7 of the 49 games. Although the injuries were not ideal, I would not trade my experience for anything. Having to fit numerous hours of rehabbing into my schedule which already consisted of class, studying, team-workouts, meetings, and practices helped me create awesome time management skills that I can use for the rest of my life. 


Another trait that the Illini football program help me build is my leadership. Our senior class's experience was a little different than other college football players. Change is something we had to get used to. My teammates were one of the few things that did not change throughout the years. Having multiple coaching staffs gave us the opportunity to self-lead through some of the chaos. Going into my senior year, our second head coach was fired. This was a crucial time for senior guidance. It was important that the team continued to lift, study, and stay in shape during the transition.


I believe that our senior season was the start of a new tradition. Coach Smith is the right person for the job and within a few years, the Illini will be one of the best teams in the country. It always takes some time for a team to learn the new system and for the right players to align in their spots. 


A very special thanks to Tyler for a wonderful 4 years--you have our support and thoughts as you approach Draft Day!  


Go Illini !!

2017 Illini QBC Golf Outing

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2017 Illinois Footbal Schdeule


Sept. 2

Ball State

Memorial Stadium



Sept. 9

Western Kentucky                 

Memorial Stadium



Sept. 15

South Florida

Tampa, FL



Sept. 29

Memorial Stadium



Oct. 7


Iowa City, IA



Oct. 14

Memorial Stadium



Oct. 21

Minneapolis, MN



Oct. 28


Memorial Stadium



Nov. 4


West Layfayette, IN



Nov. 11


Memorial Stadium



Nov. 18

Ohio State

Columbus, OH



Nov. 25


Memorial Stadium



Dec. 2


Championship Game

Indianapolis, IN